Stumble, but move on.


Ok so today’s my sister’s birthday. I witnessed how my family quarreled over the vacation trip that we were planning.. Haha so yeah. Then my sister was pissed and stuff cos they also argued about it over lunch. This is gonna be looooong and cheem. And I learnt this from my other ~ ~. yup.

But here’s the thing. It hit me as my father was cutting the cake.

ALL of us will face a time where we would mourn the death of our parents. It scares me but I realized we would have to face it sooner or later. And at that time.. Regret would not bring them back nor will it reverse time. And this what we’re doing now: Facebook, CCA, com games etc.. Spending time alone, away from them instead of spending it with them. Years later when they pass away you’d feel that you should have taken all of that time and spent it with them. But you can’t. You just can’t.

I realize that, I want to make my parents journey raising me meaningful, and I want them to know that I am grateful to have such supportive, caring parents who are always there for me when I fall. I want them to pass away, happy, smiling, with no regrets.

I still remember when my mum told me in primary school that I wouldn’t want to hold her hand in public anymore when I grew older. I laughed and brushed it aside. True enough, we stopped. Now every time she tries to hold my hand, I’d allow her to. Everyone should take a step back and think about how their own parents feel. Simple, little things like this can really make their day. Cos all they want is for their son or daughter to grow up to be good people, and gratefulness to that would make them happy that all they have done is not for naught.

There’s another story..

Well it’s about a grandfather, father and his son. I received that email from my father this morning. So the grandfather, being too old, has difficulty eating, and messes up the dinner table. So they gave him a wooden bowl and made him sit away from everyone else so that he won’t dirty the table. Nobody noticed how a little tear would fall from his eye every dinner.

Then one day, the father saw the son making a wooden bowl. The father asked for whom it was for. The son replied, it was for the father, when he grew up. Shocked, the father thought over his actions, and let his father go back to eat at the table no matter what he does.

So yeah. Sometimes when you get frustrated about something with your parents, always, always take a step back and see what they’re trying to do. It’s always in the best of intentions for you. And be happy that they care. Be thankful that they love you so much and gave you all that you have.

Because without them, you would not be where you are today.

And whenever you’re pissed with your parents and don’t want to talk to them, always think. Would you rather make up with them? Or would you waste another few days of your life staying mad with them? You never know when they will leave you.

Lastly, when they do something that irritates you or angers you, think. Would you miss all of these when they’re gone? Would you regret being cruel to them and shunning them away at that time when they’re dead? Would you miss the sound of their arguments or even the tv or their conversations echoing throughout the hall? It’s the little things that they do that we will miss the most.

Your time with your parents is short, and every second counts. Don’t waste it away and treasure every moment with them. Let them leave this world happy. 🙂

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