Stumble, but move on.

What I Know.

Haha today I was so boliao after tuition that I went to tanglin mall with my mum. Apparently that bored me even more cos I followed them to furniture shops and the only shop that actually interested me is royal sporting house. And I saw a drifit shirt that I liked, that could have been used for when I ran. But, it was… Expensive like shit. And I wanted to get a new school bag cos mine underwent like, 3 or 4 times of stitching cos I put in too many books. Haiz, it’s gonna get spoilt beyond repair so I gotta have a new one by next yr. I sound super.. spoilt. Ah wtv.

Then today I completed the mw3 campaign. Fun XD. Haha then Jason went to World of JJ yesterday and got his copy, and he passed the nc16 there HAHA. Told him they didn’t bother checking. XD. Haha ohya and they still sell trading cards there even after so long… but the half that the auntie I used to buy from when I was younger is.. gone. Haha she recognized me and my sis all the time. But well, we always have to say goodbye to people. It’s just a matter of when. And how hurtful that goodbye would be. EMO~.

So, I’m gonna bathe and wait for GABRIELLAAAAA to play sc2 with me. Hope yq gets home in time to play too.

Oh, and I really, really need to start on my holiday hw. OH OH, I’m also gonna start studying my o’s. Sucks manzxc. But I gotta do it. Not gonna be another PSLE. :P.

Ohya and I went to macs today with my mum. Then they played this~

Then I went to search the link and related videos showed this song the post is entitled. HAHA. My fav band :P. But black veil brides are quite good.. Just that maybe their bizarre appearance may revolt someone and make them think that they play metal or death metal HAHA.

Oh and my father went to melaka today. So sad. The house feels so much more quiet without his lame jokes or the sound of him watching the news. Now my sis is watching harry potter downstairs. So silent. I shall make it not so silent by making sc2 sounds XD. Come on gabby I’m waiting for you to tell me you’re ready to play.

Ohya so sad I couldn’t go to part outing. Oh well~ Sometimes when I go there I feel as if ~only~~~~.

Yup~ Ok I’m gonna take a quick shower. Freshen up a bit. :P.

And I realized I’m not sure what I could have done. Oh I wonder if it’d be enough to stop her from leaving. And I realize the only thing I know is she said I’m in love with someone else.


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