Stumble, but move on.


This is a cool song. Gabriel introduced me to the song~

Haha nth much done today. But just completed from the inside out’s intro. So slow..

I had a day to spend and I kinda wasted it. That’s sad. Needa spend tmr more efficiently. :P.

Oh and played X Hero Siege with my sis and jy. Haha old times..

Ok I should sleep. Tmr need wake up at 6 plus.. -.-. I know, it sucks kevin, but it’s part of your everyday cca life~.

I dun feel like doing the insane workout today even though it’s due after 2 days of afterburn. I wonder if I really triggered the afterburn effect. Nvm, I shall hiong during bayo tmr. :P.

Lost sight, couldn’t see when it was you and me.

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