Stumble, but move on.

From Where You Are.

Haha I haven’t really found any new songs. But nvm la~ :). Open house is next week and our pds is really, really screwed. I think we won’t do that well.

There’s something with me and timing. When I went for band practice I always have this problem with timing cos I always want to do things fast. Same thing goes for pds. I also dk why I’m like that. But hey, maybe that’s just me. :P. And I really realized how different the band is compared to my NCC platoon. The band is kinda.. more ~, while my platoon is like.. more ~~~.

Later I have advance party so yeah, gotta go to AHS and camp for one night before part b camp. I seriously wonder why Keane actually put the time to meet at 1530hrs -.-. I want to stay at home manzxc. I have a lot of things I wanna do at home that I haven’t really got about doing. Either cos one, I’m lazy, or two, I’m too tired (almost the same reason as the first but wtv), or three I’m too busy. Haha, now I actually realized that I don’t really have any time left to practice for the band, and I think I’m gonna get subbed out most of the songs. :P. That’s what you get when you have a 17 day holiday to europe just before your performance. :).

Sometimes I wish I could stay back in sg. But haha maybe this vacation is gonna be something that I would enjoy.. Run away from all my troubles. Haha. Recently, I’m being influenced by my frens to listen to kpop. It’s okok to me la, at least I dun get as crazy over it as them. I really don’t get why people can get so addicted. But well, it’s just them. Next year chinese new year NCC may be putting up a special dance~ :P. If we can get ppl to dance haha. The gayness of NCC cadets unleashed XD.

I’m gonna lose my eyesight~ so cool like~

HAHA. Ok being lame.

Ok I shall not waste my time here and use my time more efficiently. bb. :P.

I miss the years that were erased. I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face. I miss all the little things. I never thought they’d mean everything to me. Yeah I miss you, and I wish you were here.


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