Stumble, but move on.


Haha so came back from part B camp. Overall I think it was much more slack than my batch’s camp. But wtv. Most of the time I was in the medic bunk slacking or taking care of cadets, or getting food ready. There was once me, yq, and yi shuan had to go take a detour from 85 to the main gate cos chang cheng was locked. Fun sia. Plus at night summore. Throughout the whole thing listening to rainie yang ^^. But what I am pissed about is that there is one freaking shitload of bread left in store. -.-. Wasted.

Haha my earphones were spoiled today.. I realize that only a few of my earphones actually exceed the 1 year mark. Then I end up buying another. Oh well.. But hey, my new earphones are.. hmm. Quite good. AJAY four :P. Can scam ppl say it’s beats. I go paste the b there and erase the ajay can alr. :P.

Today I’m lazy to do anything. I need to practice the from the inside out solo.. But somehow I just dun want to budge… I think I’m gonna punish myself with more pushups and reps tonight. My exercise is due :P.

One thing that I promised myself I’d do is my holiday hw. Especially my amath. I have to hand it up by this week. It looks as if I’m gonna procrastinate till like fri.. Idk. Somehow, something in me is blocking me from doing anything. The Lazy Song suits me the most now. Haha. Argh anw, I want my new phone badly. My contract’s ending this month. :P. Just in time for iPhone 4S. Frankly I think that there’s too much hype about the iPhone when many many other phones also deserve more credit than the iPhone. Apple makes money cos it has much more reputation than most companies. Oh well~ I still want the iPhone so that I can transfer all my stuff into the new phone. That way I don’t lose… anything of value to me inside. :).

Haha so today I got a new pair of earphones, and slippers. Haha I forgot to mention the slippers. I realized that Havaianas’ shopkeepers all wear slippers from their company haha. Ah wtv. Yellow slippers~~~ XD. White earphones~ Last thing I need to get is my new bag… Ah I feel as if I’m some spoilt kid. -.-. I probably am one. Maybe that’s why nobody likes me :).

My senior told me something that kinda enlightened me. He said some stuff about girlfriends. And I realized.. That things are sad or not, happy or not, because of what you perceive it to be. It’s not easy to change how you see some things, but yeah, you could apply that to other things in life. Lets say… you could keep your focus on a break up and feel sad and all that… Or you could be happy because of the happiness that the relationship gave you while it lasted. But frankly, haha, even though I’m saying this kind of stuff, I myself have trouble looking at things at another angle. But if you can, you should :).

You know someone told me something about his life. He said that he had so much time to play com games, and watch tv, and nth to pursue, and all that. I realized that a lot of ppl don’t really have meaning for their life. And they say all this when the answer is already in front of them. Find the meaning to your life yourself. Life actually has no meaning. You live to die. Oh well~.

I can’t believe that I am actually.. ~~ now. It’s really hard to ~~. I.~. ~. So much. But I cannot change anything now. Nobody to share the pain.

Ohya haha, rainie yang is quite cute in this vid :P. Ah I feel weird saying that but wtv HAHA.






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