Stumble, but move on.


This seems to be the only place I can put my thoughts in HAHA. I don’t know but it’s become sort of a diary of mine. I can’t keep my own diary cos my parents would kinda.. Look at the contents :P. Ah shit, it’s just me, I like to blog haha.

Today I went to pds haha. It was fun, and all the usual gay stuff happened, all of us were hyper. But there was a point in time there was something I could not… I shall not say. But hmm.. maybe a riddle would satisfy people who want to know XD. I may have been looking plainly at something, but it may be something else in that thing that caught me… But that thing may not necessarily be part of that something. :P. Solve it yourself. Even though I don’t think it actually sounds like a riddle. -.-. HAHA.

I’m at episode six of Hi My Sweetheart. Luozhixiang had to be separated from Rainie Yang cos of certain stuff happening in the show.. Haiz, can see that bao chu (rainie) still loves him a lot. The show kinda reminds me of..~. Haha but dramatic sia. Maybe that’s why it’s drama LOL. Ahh I’m getting more obsessed with Rainie.

Oh just went for a night movie haha. Tin Tin. Haha it was nice, and it held my interest quite a bit since I didn’t really quite watch tintin when I was young. But it’s all the same. All for treasure LOL. Came back about half an hour ago. Should go out more at night. Tell you sth :P. Sometimes I stay at night till 1 plus, not cos I can’t sleep, but because I don’t want to face what comes before I fall asleep. Oh well. HAHA. It’s been working ever since I thought of it so why not :P.

I just realized that ~~ doesn’t like ~~. It’s kinda weird because he’s like so sociable and stuff, but actually behind that smile hides a lot of things. Oh that’s probably the same with most people.

Haha I should put on my contact lens and play a bit of modern warfare till I sleep.

PDS Open House~ I’m so excited yet not. Oh one more thing. Haha, I got kinda kicked from the band. Ok not really kicked. But subbed totally out of the performance. That is really a relief.. Going in so late made me feel so pressurized.  But I really want to help them so I shall still stick with their plan to use me for their practices and don’t perform for the actual thing. Better to have experience with a band than none. :). Plus I get their band tee too :P.

Last thing! I want my sister to buy Elder Scrolls Skyrim! It’s cool and nice. I have loads of games to sell now. But no money. All went to the part B camp food. I want to claim it T.T.


Nice Lyrics.

zhi you wo le jie zhe xing fu gan jue
Only I understand this blissful feeling

mei de zhi de qu fu chu yi qie
Beautiful enough for me to pour out my all

neng gou yu jian ni ren shi ni xi huan ni ai shang ni
能够遇见你 认识你 喜欢你 爱上你
To be able to meet you, know you, like you, love you

gan xie wo mei di yan lei
I’m thankful for every tear I shed

zhi you ni ming bai wo you duo zhen gui
Only you understand how precious I am

hao de zhi de ni wei wo gai bian
That you would change for me

qing ni ji xu wen rou jiao huan wo can lan xiao rong yi tian yi tian
请你继续温柔交换我灿烂笑容 一天一天
Please continue exchanging my bright smiles with tenderness, day by day

dao yong yuan na yi tian
Till that day in eternity


2 responses

  1. Lise-Y

    I still keep my own written diary :X so if i dun wanna psot anythg on my blog, it’s prob in thr 😛 & my parents dunno i have one~ xD Ahahahahaha the drama u told me abt is quite funny but im watchg only one ep today. i watch too much at one go i wl go crazy D:

    November 25, 2011 at 1:24 pm

  2. Aredis

    haha LOL. its a cool drama right? LOL my parents easy find out that I have if I start one. Haha I haven’t read your blog for months.

    November 25, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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