Stumble, but move on.

I love you.

Haha you know on the plane I was listening to this song. And it’s super nice. It fits too~ XD.

I like your smile
I like your vibe
I like your sty-yle
But that’s not why I love you
And I, I like the way
You’re such a sta-ar
But that’s not why I love you

Haha. Wondering who’s the mystery person? Actually I don’t know myself. It just fits XD.

Okayyy. I shall.. Talk about the trip. Somehow I don’t feel like talking about it and feel like talking about it at the same time. I shall omit a lot of parts cos, I didn’t take notes, so can’t really remember them, and I lazy type out all of it. Or maybe I shall post it in parts. Yeahhh…

Lets talk about the first two days. I think it was.. germany and london and france. So yeah we landed in the airport and had one night in the hotel. Damn I couldn’t really sleep that day. Cos of the stupid jetlag. London is like 8 hours behind sg. So yeah~. That sucked. HAHA.

So we took our miserable packet breakfast provided by the tour in the morning and went to the ferry from Dover to Callay (dunno how to spell it) LALALA. Yep. That was boring. But hey, I think we went to Germany after that. Can’t really remember which parts but yeah I think around 3 parts. Whatever XD. German sausages are good.. Haha ohya forgot to mention that the other parts of germany were gone in about the next few days. I lost track. OKAYYY. Don’t blame me. I don’t really like leaving sg at this age. I think only at this age. Cos my cousin said the exact same thing when he was younger. Now he’s like.  Going overseas with his friends. Ok maybe it’s the friends part. Haha.

She’s so beautiful.

But I don’t know who she is. Or how she looks like. WOW. I’m hallucinating or something.

OH OH OH you know something? There’s this girl that sat beside my father in the plane going to London that reminded me of someone… Her fingers resembled that person a lot.. And the face reminds me of her too. Oh well LOL. Happens to be that she is like.. Idk, 3 years older than the girl that I know. And she just finished her A level. WOW. AHAHA.

Then there’s another girl in my tour group, she’s called.. Brianna or sth. She’s a bit creepy. But yeah maybe I shall omit all the stuff she did LOL.

You’re so beautiful
But that’s not why I love you
I’m not sure you know
That the reason I love you is you

Being you, just you
Yeah the reason I love you
Is all that we’ve been through
And that’s why I love you

The song fits! =P

Somehow. I have it permanently stuck in my head. And there’s a few other songs that I found on the plane. Like… Everybody hurts by avril lavigne, yu hou tian kong by cindy yen, and fen kai yi hou by danson tang. Sorry ah, I lazy type all the chinese stuff. Cos this com, somehow, can’t type chinese. Oh well.

Oh if you’re wondering about the chapter thing, it’s a story. So yeah. I’ll post it every now and again to continue the story.

Oh and I woke up at 1230 today. ROCKS TTM~. Then another 2 hr nap. XD.

Oh and most of my hw is done. Just left a few loose stuff..

First time I actually finished both chinese books. WOW. Next year. NERD MODE. WHOOHOO.

Oh and time of your life is super easy sia. I shall complete it this week I think, it will be perfect, if a bit choppy in the chorus cos hey, I only have 3 days and I’m a beginner. Sort of. I don’t understand why I’m still like that but yeah. Maybe it’s just me. XD.


Ok whatever being lame. HAHA. I shall go and play dota. Did I mention that last night I suddenly became pro? WHOOTS. Maybe it’s a kinda restarting disease LOL.

Goodnight in advance!

I love you.



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