Stumble, but move on.

2011. A year to remember. And a year to forget.

Haha it’s the last hour of 2011! So yeah, looking back I see a lot of things that I should have done. And how I could save a lot of things which I did not.

You know I’m really shocked that I actually went through the year without really thinking much. But yeah, from my birthday onwards.. It felt so long. Time passed slowly since then. I’m surprised it’s already december.

Next year, I’m getting EVERYTHING right. This time, I shall mug like hell. I know that most of the time my resolutions don’t work out, but this time it has to. If not I risk my future. Like what happened to me in PSLE. Haha, personally I think if I had pushed I would have gone to Dunman High. Or at least better than where I would be now. But I like my set of friends now. Wouldn’t want to change a thing about them ^^.

The last 11:11 of 2011! HAHA. soon.. soon.. soon.. Wait I shall talk a bit of crap first.

Now listening to someone like you. Nice song ^^.

I’ll need someone to carry me home safe and sound.

Wooots. 11:11. I wish… you~~~~~.


My last wish. Actually quite stupid. For as long as I can remember I’ve been wishing for the same thing but it never happens.

OH you know someone is going overseas and I think I’m gonna ~ him/her. HAHA.

Skillet is nice.

Haha I’m counting down with Gabriel soon! Bye!


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