Stumble, but move on.

White Dress.

Today. When you ask me about today all I can think of is one thing.

I screwed up as emcee. You know I should have just given the opportunity to someone else. But.. Haiz. No chance. Too late.

My legs are aching so much I don’t wanna walk. I hate myself

NEW EMOTE ~____~ !

This is so stupid..

You know I really wonder about something.. a lot. I shall not say out exactly what I’m thinking.. But here’s a question related to my thoughts~

Why do we have feelings?

I mean.. Why did God give us the ability to feel..

I don’t know LOL. But haha, shouldn’t be thinking too much about all these kinda stuff.

I seem to have a lot on my mind about today.. opinions, feelings.. But they somehow don’t come out right.

But aiya, maybe sleeping will help me. But first!

Don’t leave her. I know just what she’s looking for. Oh but all she knows is, a picture that keeps fading on. But I can’t let her go, that’s why I’m telling her… I wanna love you more, than all of the things you wanted, than all the things you’re not.

Bye~ I’m gonna knock out in.. 3, 2, 1. Poof.


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