Stumble, but move on.

Amazing ten seconds of my life.

Seriously. 10 seconds. Omg it kinda made me go soft. Haha then suddenly I feel like that little loser who can’t do anything right. But that feeling is great. 10 seconds. My heart melted just like that. Haven’t really felt like this in a long time.

Haha lol then I was typing lifehouse on youtube and I saw Hanging by a Moment. Don’t really like the song, but the lyrics are nice. This sounds wrong. As in. Ah whatever you get it. HAHA.

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held onto
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

It’s a nice song. But haha, it doesn’t really accurately describe that feeling.

Shit man can’t stop thinking about that 10 seconds.

Cool it Kevin. Let’s just go to sleep, and forget about it.

I feel butterflies. T.T

I just talked to myself. Wow. I’m becoming more and more eccentric.

Recently I’ve… Tended to the darker side of me. =O it’s just like a movie. I listen to a lot of songs that are like.. mostly composed of hardcore electric guitar and shouting. Recently. There’s a problem! I should stop LOL. But can’t help it.

One song I really really love is.. NUMB. It never gets old.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you.

Cool lyrics.

But tonight I think I’m going to listen to.. Kiss me Slowly! HAHA.

Anw orientation wasn’t as bad as I thought. Even though I screwed up the first speech. But haiz, it’s over. I shall not care about such petty things.

No.1 was cool. But I somehow feel as if it doesn’t suit me to wear it. Like.. my face and body not suited etc etc. Whatever LOL. I’m thinking too much~~

Posting some photos tmr. Remind me.

Somehow I feel as if there’s something lacking in the consent form I drafted for mr gey… I remember him telling me sth about it. Like the parents won’t understand it or sth. Anw, all I remember is that he said something about smart phones not being able to access the form. I need to look into that soon… As well as using online stuff to host the files that yq made. Kinda wasted. Oh I’m gonna start tutoring my jr who’s going to replace me after april. April! My bday month. I feel like leaving behind a legacy as the first web admin in the entire ahsncc history. I shall buy the no1 staff sgt rank for them the next time I go to return my no1… And leave it in the file I’m gonna give them on POP. Muwhaha. I think I should also make a document for them to refer to if they need any help.

Haha hardworking me~

OMG…. 10 seconds. AHHHHHH.

But I’m listening to Blind by Lifehouse. Weird..

Whatever. I shall bury my head in my pillow. And try to sleep.

If I can.







Damn I like using 54321 poof. MUWHAHAHA.


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