Stumble, but move on.

Far away.

Today I feel.. Useless and happy at the same time.

The morning was screwed up. I had diarrhea right before CIP. I thought I was doomed. Then after that it didn’t really come back. So yeah, we went door to door collecting recycled stuff. Got a chance to exercise. =). And I realized that Mr Gey has cool earphones. Cool bass. But his.. earbuds are.. disgusting. Must have been kept in some mouldy shit place or sth. I felt good after CIP. Then when I came home, shack le, then still got chinese tuition in like.. 30 mins time after that. Showered, grabbed my lunch, and started tuition.

I love you, I loved you all along. I miss you.

I keep dreaming you’ll be with me, you never know.

I’ll stop breathing if I don’t see you anymore.

The first half of the tuition I was struggling with my urge to sleep. Like really badly. My head was.. Nodding. Then after that I got better. And then he assigned homework. T.T. Need to do some stupid compo. Like really… I wanna die. Gotta write on ill treating maids. And need to zao ju also. I think after this, I’ll nap a bit before I go to do my hw and study. Again. Keep studying sia. But at least not that bad yet, still can blog.

Somehow I think I said sth wrong to someone. AHHH. I hate myself for being so stupid and stubborn. Should have known that once should have been enough. Now maybe I made a mess for myself to clean up again. ~_~

So I guess I’ll be.. going. This song is… A meaningful song to me.

I need to hear you say,

I love you. I loved you all along. I forgive you. Been away for far too long. So keep breathing cos I’m not leaving you anymore. Believe it, hold on to me and never let me go.


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