Stumble, but move on.


I miss blogging! So whatever I’m gonna study later. Studies can wait, I’m de stressing!

You know I can feel the pain in my fingers. That’s good! But now it feels weird cos my left hand’s fingers feel as if they have harder skin than my right hand’s fingers. Ah.. side effect of playing guitar too much. But I really can never get to the… chengdu I want. Sorry, I just had chinese tuition, so a bit chinese-ey now. Muwhahaha. Ahh and someone just made a post on fb and tagged me. Freaking demoralizing… Whatever. Shouldn’t bother about such shit.

Gabriel came to my house today. So cool. He tested out the pedal. Cool sia, got about 280 off the pedal. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen… Gonna have fun with it for a long long time. E guitar lesson coming up this wednesday! Excited as hell~. Muwhahaha. LOL I really wonder how many times I’ve said that my friends came to my house. Guess I’ve been inviting them quite frequently.

Haha you know at mee mee optics, I was waiting for my eye checkup (I wear contacts so I gotta check regularly like.. once every 2 or 3 months), then I found this song: Hold On Til’ The Night, by Greyson Chance. Cool. Haha all thanks to.. Soundhound. Useful shit. But a lot of interference from conversations nearby so had to try it like 4 times or more. Whee mee fee lee bee see dee dee wee dum dee dee dum weeeeeee whahahahahaahahahaha.

You know, that feeling when you sms someone you like..? Like super nervous, like don’t know how to sms? Haha I miss that feeling. Oh well! Gonna wait till I can feel something like that again. I think I’m recovering but really not quite there yet. Can’t let go… Oh well. Slowly. Slowly. It’s so hard. But..

It really doesn’t matter at all to her.

Yup. Slowly.

Haha sometimes truths have to be accepted. I learnt it the hard way. So yeah.

Ew this became a bit emo. I shall go on ranting about… The soccer match I watched last night at jalan besar stadium. It was.. my first time in a stadium watching soccer. It was noisy, there was shitloads of hype about the game and yeah, I got so bored waiting for the match to start that I started smsing a few people… Can’t remember all, but I think Gabriel, Zi Jia, Yin Qing and Yap Xin. Yup! For once my phone was flooding with smses. But when the match started Gabriel went to study, I think I forgot all about Yin Qing (sorry >.<) and Zi Jia was smsing super long shit to me that I had quite a hard time replying so I waited till half time to sms her back. As for Yap, her messages were short and sweet so yeah I replied her like once every 20 mins or so. Quite fun to talk to her sia. She gets like short bursts of hyperness. Wow I just told you a whole shitload about who I was smsing, and I didn’t talk about the game!

It was a 0-1 with Lions losing. Yup. A lot of sg people were swearing around me. I felt left out cos I was kinda quiet.. For the most part. We did a Kallang wave. Firsthand experience. Physics confirm A1. XD. HAHAHA.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a nice song. Whee.

Ok. Time to study. And bathe. Damn I stink.


I believe this is right, so I’ll hold on til’ the night.


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