Stumble, but move on.

Hello. Goodbye.

Today was a bit funny in the sense that it is one of the most challenging to go through.. And I’m saying this only at 330 in the afternoon.

Somehow or another my dislike for the complicatedness of talking to people is really growing a lot. So I stopped smsing everyone immediately after I found that my mood was being affected. Now I’m a bit better in terms of mood, but let’s talk about views and the like.

People have very differing views. It’s sometimes hard to accept someone else’s view. And yeah, that is usually the root of all problems. I don’t know why or how, but usually arguments start because of that.

And sometimes these views can hurt. I realized that not too long ago when two people smsing me smsed something (2 different stuff) that they thought was nothing, but it really did hurt a little. I shall not say who (anyway I don’t blame them), but anyway it didn’t affect me for long so yeah~~. So from this I learnt that what you say may feel like it’s nothing, but it’s how it is received by the other person. Which is, yeah, why most of the time people don’t get why this person is frustrated over something blah blah blah, and then they start to dislike him and what not.

Sometimes views are really constructive feedback that you can use to improve yourself. For example… the one I told you guys about my senior telling me about relationships (lazy explain). So ya. Views are good, views can hurt, views can help, views cause arguments.

But what is it in humans, that causes us to be worried about how others feel about ourselves? Like if this person thinks you’re irritating, or if this person thinks you’re very stubborn, or this person thinks you’re stupid and what not, why is it that we are so affected by what others say? Sometimes I find it funny, cos these things don’t in the least bit affect you, but yet many people obsess over such things.. But sometimes, treating these views as things you should improve on is also good. So stuff goes both ways.

But we should not always be pissed or sad about such things. Because we have only that much time to live.. So yeah, sometimes, not bothering = happiness. Simple!

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