Stumble, but move on.

Six feet under the stars.

This song rocks. I mean the acoustic version. I was trying to learn it just now. Makes me think of.. A happy relationship. I think it means that…?  But oh well now I’m kinda studying NCC stuff. Muwhahahaha. I wanna die. But oh well.

PTC was… ok. Normal. Every other ptc would be sth like this. Waste of time. Ok not really to my parents but to me yes. LOL.

Ok so I’m going to try to improve the standard of english in this blog so I won’t be using a lot of singlish slangs because I really need to… Improve my English. O’s are coming.

NCC has a history dating back to 1901.. I didn’t know that. Haha I guess knowing the history of my CCA is always good.

Going east point later. I don’t feel like studying for prelims. DIEEEE.

I guess I should get going. There’s much to be done.

There’s room for two, six feet under the stars.


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