Stumble, but move on.

All About Us =)

Today was one of the few days I felt like a boss. Whoohoo. Basically when I feel like that I will train myself more vigorously, study harder, play guitar better or whatever. Yeah. I don’t know why.

But hey I’m blogging at 1.40 in the morning cos I just finished training myself. I’m weak. Damn. I’m listening to this song now. All about us by he is we is a really good song.. And it kinda invokes the sad and happy feeling at the same time. And it’s rare to find a song that can do this nowadays. I feel kinda lonely here listening to this song haha. But the song is devoted to cancer patients.. And how it feels when you have a loved one dying of cancer. Nice eh? I like songs with meaning. =)

Tmr Roger’s coming to my house. I find that I study better with one friend around me that doesn’t talk so much. I guess roger is the most fun too.. I enjoy listening to his rough language and cheesy jokes. They just make one smile. Hehe. Even though they’re retarded.

Anyway we are currently 7th in pds competition! I love pds ^^. Luckily I didn’t drop the rifle. Haha but anw during the competition something retarded happened. Our General Specialist’s Knowledge test scored…..


Damn. That sucked. We should study more of that. Oh and Jy could have gotten 2 more marks for us damn it. The question was: The advanced drill course teaches cadets advanced foot and arms drills, flag drills, pace stick drills and _______ drills. The answer is sword. He said sword 2 times and the instructor said huh cos he can’t hear what he was saying. Then in the end he said don’t know T.T. Waste of marks.

Oh well.. The muscle ache is taking its toll on me.. I think I’ll lie down here and listen to the song a few more times hehe. I wanna get earbuds for my earphones. They dropped out =/. Ok whatever only one. But okay. I’m tired. Talk to you guys another time.. Like tmr whoohoo. And my revision for prelim 1 isn’t going as planned. A lot of holes in my concepts. Ah wtv. Nights.

Take my hand. I’ll teach you to dance. I’ll spin you around, won’t let you fall down. Would you let me lead? You can step on my feet. Give it a try, it’ll be all right.

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