Stumble, but move on.


You know I really like this song. It’s by He is We. Haha, it’s kinda emo I know, but it means something to me I guess. If not I wouldn’t like songs without meaning. Well, songs like that I mean. Oh what am I saying. Oh well. It’s 4 minutes to 2 and I’m a teeny weeny bit tired. Shd take a 15 minute nap. But usually my naps will turn into… 2 hour or 3 hour naps. But IDC. I didn’t have enough sleep. Screw exams.

So I gave up on lit long ago, now I regret it. But oh well what to do.

Tell you something shitty that happened to me today. I LOST my AMATH NOTES. Screwed. Like hell. Really. I hate this. Tmr is my amath exam summore. Wtf. And I don’t really understand every single concept in amath. I’m screwed. Kevin you’re such a friggin loser.

Maybe I’ll find it tmr. Maybe. Maybe.

For now let’s just talk about.. Starcraft. Starcraft 2 is fun shit. I am placed 1st in my league. Wow. I really didn’t expect myself to hold that position for more than a few days. But hey, it’s the 5th day I think, and I’m way ahead of everyone now. I’m zai. Even beat a Gold. I’m promoting soon. Please put me in Gold next season. T.T. HAHA. Oh well~~. 300 more points to silver. Jiayous Kevin!

Tomorrow will be the day when I become super slack in studies. Ok not really still got physics but it’s only one sub on fri. Gimme a break pleasee… But next week got tests. WHOOHOO.

Ok parents are back, shd take my nap. Bye!


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