Stumble, but move on.

You and Me.

You know this song never grows old. Okay today I spent a lot of time choosing my guitar, but in the end, I got what I really loved. It was the right choice to go around hunting for guitars cos, even though I ended up back at the same place again, I found a lot of guitars with nice tones and stuff. And this song has my guitar in it’s music vid. The more expensive one of course but it’s almost the same haha. Epiphone Dove. Haha. The one in the video is by Gibson.

I played quite a few songs on it and it was… cool. I love this guitar a lot. Looks like I found my replacement for my beginner’s guitar, which was something that I bought on impulse. But oh well, Kevin, you almost always buy stuff on impulse and regret it later. You suck. =P

Oops. I just typed someone’s name. Damn that name is so fun to type out. Simple too. Whoohoo. Actually all names are simple. OH WELL.

Anyway updates….

2.4 was awesome, cos I improved by quite a fair bit, considering that I never really went out to run for quite long. I beat Jaedon. And Yu Hong by a small margin, cos we were sprinting beside each other. Reminds me of me and Gabriel Yik in sec 2.

Starcraft 2 is deteriorating a lot. Whoots. Took me a full 15 seconds to figure out how to spell that word. I should practice more.

Currently learning Kiss Me Slowly on the guitar, and the more advanced (so called original) version of You And Me. Different chords and there’s a bit of hammering at the Cadd9 (the last two measures in each verse) so yeah, working on that… Oh I also trying to sing better. I need to work on my singing. It’s horrible. Haha.

Getting a pair of Beats for 45 bucks. Don’t know how, but my friend got a good deal so I said, damn man, I’m in. LOL

Jason Wade is my new idol ❤ LOL.

I guess that’s it…?

So yeah dinner soon so bb ^^

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