Stumble, but move on.

She Will Be Loved.

Today is a useless day, I seem to have lost steam on my studies. Like, I don’t want to study anymore, every day I’m not really studying the amount that I should. I really hate myself when I sink into this kinda stupid moods. I can’t achieve anything really in this state. And this sucks so much because… it’s prelims, and it’s O level chinese. Wow I just screwed myself. Haiz.

Freak manzxc, I just saw the orientation video of myself, and I suck at being an emcee. Oh well. At least I served AHSNCC well enough during my time in it. I want to die seriously. Die. Anyway I forgot to post sth on the website and now my juniors are asking me for it. Wow. I suck. They must  be thinking, how can staff be staff? LOL. I think they have a bad impression of me. But oh well. Can’t help it. Sometimes people in my batch will say bad things about me, but I know that I’ve earned every single bit of my staff sergeant rank. And nobody can change that. =)

Prelims… I’m basically screwed as hell. I really hate myself. Ah whatever I came here to de stress before I spend the night studying like an ass. I wish I could just play my com or guitar or sth without anybody hindering me haiz. Ok I shall go study now. Can’t waste any more time.

But wait, just saying. Today was cool. Hint: Eyes. =D

Tap on my window knock on my door I, want to make you feel beautiful.

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