Stumble, but move on.

I absolutely need to learn this song.

Tears in Heaven by Sungha Jung is a super super nice song, and kinda reminds me of some nursery rhyme or something, but to me it’s really and awesome song. The original is also good, but I like his better. Especially the… chorus I think. Or is it the verse? I guess it’s either one, but you’ll know what I mean when you listen to the song. Super cool. Just started learning. The intro is relatively okay, until you go to the first part which is the part I like the most. Haha I guess I don’t make any sense but oh well. Gonna learn this song along with Storm by lifehouse (which is easy, in my opinion, just needa know how to sing while doing arpeggios haha)

These few days I feel as if I’m not studying enough. But oh well.. I guess it’s my sleeping pattern or it’s just that prelims is such a huge thing and I haven’t really been going at full speed, and I’ve been taking super long naps cos I always sleep at 1230 the day before or even 1am. So yeah. I’m not going as fast as I should.

I guess I won’t be getting Diablo 3 today, but well, we can’t always get everything right? Been trying to address the bad points about me like my quick temper and wanting almost everything I see that I like. I guess that can be a good thing in the sense that I would want to work hard for something, but on the other hand if I can’t get it I’ll be frustrated as hell. And that goes the same for a lot of other things in my life such as social matters with friends and yeah other stuff.

So… 2 more days! Too bad I can’t really do anything for that day but… Send a message perhaps? Too bad I’m not doing anything even when we’re leaving the school. It’s a sham. But I like holding on to shams. =P.

So.. gonna mug for chinese! Bye!


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