Stumble, but move on.


This song is one that… I can sing with a lot of emotions tied to it. I play this on guitar every time I think of… Stuff. Yup. It’s funny how I still remember a lot of things that happened long ago. But the memories are… fading.

This is one of the only songs I can play so well. And the first that I actually can immerse myself wholly in the song and forget about the timings and all that. When I play the song, I feel like I don’t need to think. Just to feel. To pour out the feelings that are shoved down deep in my heart.

Oh well. It talks about forever loving a girl even though she is gone from the guy’s life. The singer wrote it for his high school sweetheart haha.

Oh anyway, my band is almost complete save for the drums and that the piano is pending… Turns out I have to be the main singer. Even though my singing isn’t the greatest… They still think I can sing better than the rest and since I’m playing acoustic… Guess they think the role suits me quite well. 2 in one. Why can’t Jaedon sing =(

Anyway we are composing a song called You. It’s about a crush on a girl. Heh got the basic concepts laid down, but there’s a lot of work to be done. But I guess with Jaedon around we can… Finish it in about 3 months? Assuming we work on it constantly and that our studies don’t obstruct our progress that much. Which I foresee to be a problem cos… 136 more days to O level! Damn time flies. To think I’m gonna be in JC soon. Haiz. Guess that’s how life works.

So yeah it’s 1am again and I can’t sleep. I think I’m gonna play Thunder later and practice my two is better than one (yes I started on it, but the tempo and lyrics are all screwed up cos I can’t figure out how to sync the arpeggios and the lyrics together and sing properly at the same time cos my voice tends to… be worse when I am concentrating on the guitar as well), then I’m gonna sleep.

Today’s a winding road that’s taken me to places that I didn’t want to go, whoa.

Today in a blink of an eye I’m holding on to something and I do not know why, I tried.

I tried to read between the lines, I tried to look in your eyes, I want a simple explanation for what I’m feeling inside.

Gotta find a way out, maybe there’s a way out..

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you’re unlike any other, you’ll always be my thunder.

I said, your eyes are the brightest of all the colours, I don’t wanna ever love another, you’ll always be my thunder.


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