Stumble, but move on.

Every man for himself.

Someone said this to me yesterday:
“don’t study for o level oral and let me get my a1”

Obviously he meant it in jest, but! It really got me thinking about human nature and selfishness. Humans by nature… Are selfish. Another one of my friend rejects every single call from his friends just because he wants to study, even if the person wants to ask a question related to studies. He also did not want to share a website full of useful information to other people for the fear that they will study harder than him. I’m sure all of us have that selfish feeling before, but have you ever thought it over that somehow.. It’s just wrong..?

The thing is, nobody wants to lose. And it’s because we all want the same thing that our animalistic instinct for survival takes over. To be the best, sometimes you have to be a bit selfish. It’s not easy to find someone who isn’t selfish at all.

So well, it’s just life. I guess society gets more and more cruel as we grow up.


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