Stumble, but move on.

Everybody hurts.

Today was cool. Like every other day. I go to class, do work, play around with my friends, went to night study, and talked to Shernise about… Break ups. I think the moment she found out about me and.. my breakup she wanted to confide in someone who also understands the kind of pain that people who get dumped feel. She told me a whole long story about how she and this guy, who I shall not mention here, but if you know, good for you =), can’t be together even though they both told each other that they still liked each other. But okay, she looked close to tears when she was telling me that. Yeah. She started off the convo by asking me if… The person that broke up with me was in the room. I said yes, reluctantly of course.. She then asked for her name and where she was and blah blah blah… And then she asked me this question about her that was so simple but the thing is. I couldn’t answer it even though I knew the answer. It was just this one question.

Is she pretty?

I wanted very much to tell her how much this other person meant to me, but I guess I held it back cos I didn’t want to let it hurt me again. She, on the other hand, did not hold back much of her feelings.

So I guess in my case I’m quite lucky to be able to have had, something that wasn’t as complicated as compared to what happened to her.

So yeah. I realize sometimes when you look at a person who seems really happy… Maybe he or she really isn’t that happy inside. Once you peel away that mask, that they wear, you can see all the hurt that they shove deep down in their heart, fighting away their demons every single day in hopes of seeing the sun rise in their world again.

So that’s something I learnt about life today. I like sharing such things with you guys, even though I may not know some of you.

Okay I guess today I don’t have the time to say much here cos I need to study (and also cos I’m kind of tired), but just a few updates on my life.

Shernise is a fellow Boys Like Girls fan =D. I think we have a lot in common =D.

Uh, revision is not too bad, been happy with the work that I do every single day, since I spend so little time on the computer.

I stopped training for a few days because I fell sick. Like really can’t do anything but lie down that kind of sick. Should start again. Muscles muscles~

Learning… two is better than one. A new version, cos it sounds nicer. I want to have band prac so bad.


I think I should go since I have to go for fruits.

Maybe it’s true.. That I can’t live without you.


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