Stumble, but move on.


Today is Monday! I somehow look forward to Monday night studies these days. Even though I’m not inside, it’s just… nice to go there. I don’t know. Shit.

I have the mood to write lyrics for my band’s new song, You. Will include whatever crap that comes to my mind, so yeah. What you see here may end up as one of the lyrics of that song, which I hope.. Will be really good. Oh if you don’t already know, the song is about crushes! So yeah gotta… feel what it’s like to have a crush on someone and express those feelings in words. So, I’ll put the lyrics I come up with at random places of my post, every time I feel like it’s coming I would write it down.

On to things for today…

Someone asked me why I don’t smile when I say hi to people. I guess that’s just me, but hey, that leads me to my topic for the day.

Smiling! Yes I know it’s the post title but who cares. So, to me, there’s two types of smiles.

The first would be… A genuine one. One that is the result of feelings and not because you are faking it and cos you’re holding hurt inside. Most of the time people don’t have such smiles unless they are really content with life and do not feel as if they are left out, or their life is really screwed up etc etc.

The next would be fake smiles. Masks. This is one of the more common smiles I see on people. They smile for the sake of smiling, and to hide the fact that they are hurting really badly inside. This is the smile that isn’t really good for you. It will tear you up inside.

So okay, that was my sharing for today since I’m kind of tight on time these few days. SO.

Song lyrics: It’s just you.

I know that ain’t great. But that’s just something I’d start with before I get more comfortable in making up more. So yeah. Dinner! Byes ~ =)


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