Stumble, but move on.

There she goes again.

It’s Sunday and I feel a bit out of place.. It’s like, supposed to be tuition day, but I don’t have tuition today.. Haiz. My life is weird.

Anyway if you’re wondering why I don’t have tuition it’s cos I’m not retaking Chinese =). I’m so happy about the results… But it’s like, so weird. Everyone expected me to get B3 and below. In the end I got A2 and OPG was shocked.. As well as a lot of my friends. Well it’s hard to share enough joy with anyone about this, but well, I did it. Now I can concentrate on the rest of the subjects. =P. chiong ah.

I wonder why I’m always avoiding opportunities to do work. I’m like, in the car blogging with my phone instead of reading the geog tb on my lap. Okay so I’m going for lunch with my parents and I don’t feel good reading in the car cos I will get giddy. Funny how I can type but I can’t read. Weird me.

Okay will be back later. Eating.


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