Stumble, but move on.

Square One.

Hello people. It’s 1120 and I’m listening to this song by one of my long time favourite bands: parachute. I’m lying on my bed with my phone blogging. It’s been.. Quite long since I blogged I guess. Considering I usually blog once every few days.

This song is a really sad song. And it’s really how I feel now.. Its not the “I loved you but you didn’t care” kind of song (which I’ve been listening to a lot) but its the “I love you and I still do even though we’d probably never get back together” kind of song.

Sometimes I really wonder if you miss me. If the signs I still read are true. But oh well. I guess I should move on right? I mean, it’s been almost two years since our relationship began… And more than a year since our break up. Yes, I’m stupid, I still hope you read my blog and see this. I miss you. Screw me for being such an asshole…

Haiz ok enough of all the stupid emo stuff and let’s just get on with updates.

Past few days I’ve been through a routine… Like, wake up, play com for about an hour and a half, then spend the rest of the day studying. I’m sick of it. I need some change in my life.

Bleh I think I can’t blog anymore.. I think I’ll update it when I’m happier.

I realized baby there’s no… No square one, just the lines in the sand. No morning, just the sun going down. From now on, I’m just a face in the crowd. You’re never gonna see it again, we’re never gonna get back baby. No square one, just a shape in the cloud. No memory, just a picture you found.


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