Stumble, but move on.

Crazy World.

Hello~ I feel so sian now. Studying can be so taxing on the mind and the body.

Oh oh I have some ideas for lyrics so I better write them down before I forget.

I’d send you a thousand roses if it could make you mine,

but that’s just not what you want.

I’d find a way to fly to the moon if that’d make you smile,

cos baby you made me fall, fall fall…

for you.

heh I got that inspiration after listening to this song Crazy World by boys like girls.


I wanna just slow down, its a crazy world, I wanna hold you now, just a boy and girl sittin on a porch swing laying low. Singing with the songs on the radio and I wanna just slow down, its a crazy world. Linin up to start another war, but can you tell me really what were fighting for. Stuck in the middle of a hurricane. I think the world just might be going insane.


Haha nice song. It seems like blg has taken on a more… country kind of music. Don’t know if that’s fine by me but they make pretty nice songs so… yup!

Recently had prelims so, studying like mad. 36 days to o’s. I feel unprepared as ever.

Hopefully I can work hard for this last stretch of… sprinting… if I may use that analogy.

I am really excited about heart of the swarm! Hopefully it comes out soon cos I can’t wait~

Band practice coming soon after o levels. So many things to look forward to. And the end of secondary school life to dread. So many memories in just 4 years. Some fond ones, some lessons I have learnt about life, and regrets. Oh well. I guess what a person goes through is what makes him who he is right?

So… well, I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. Too lazy to update you guys, I’ll do it another time when I feel more… Talkative. Hahahahahaha.

Ok I want to play sc2 that’s why I don’t want to type anymore hehe. But ok. Bye. Ps. LISTEN TO THAT SONG IT’S GREAT COUNTRY HEHEHEHE.

Me is high.



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