Stumble, but move on.

NCC never felt this good.

You know being a cadet all over again usually sucks, but today, I felt great =). Like really great. Never been better.

Butttttt well, the suckiest thing is that I was the IC for the whole morning and I screwed up a lot as usual. Well, time to improve my command and control.

You know there’s this calm that I get when I’m marching and shouting cheers. Makes me feel… good being there. Nobody really judges you there even though I sucked to the high heavens LOL. We were really really bonded even though it was our first day. I think I’m gonna be quite satisfied (but definitely sian) during the next 14 days of course =).

But well, I screwed up my rifle assembly. Forgot that the bolt had two holes. But nvm that, I shall not talk about cheem stuff.

I want to sleep now, but going dinner. So… I’ll make this update short.

I’m quite free now, looking for a job after course. I hope every day of course ends earlier or as early as this. So cool ^.^

I want a Lakewood Guitar! =( Must save up and become pro first.

Taking electric guitar lessons every Sunday at Excelsior Shopping centre near peninsula shopping mall. I love those lessons. The teacher makes me so motivated to play ^.^

Oh oh oh. I’m going out with someone soon. Maybe one of these weekends. Makes me feel so excited. But I don’t know what to plan cos it’s just the two of us…. And shhhh I shall not say anything else cos that person might be reading this.

Then again, that person might not me. Foreveralone#96

lalala. So I’ll stop here. Just telling you guys, I’m learning a few rock songs and….


Always wanted to learn that song. Woots! Love my guitar teacher.

As my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost. Wake me up when September ends.

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