Stumble, but move on.

Stuck in the middle.

Hi guys! Just came back from a really cool outing with my friend. Watched rise of the guardians ^.^. It was quite nice, and it was kinda of a fun day for me too. It’s really a nice break from having NCC all the way.

So… Updates~

Gonna have a starcraft 2 tourney with the usual guys yin qing and gabriel~ Hopefully can win.

1st week of NCC is gone. So happy. 2 more weeks to go! I want this to end faster and last more at the same time. Weird is me. Heh ^.^

I need to go christmas shopping for my friends… Still haven’t decided who to buy for though. Plus I need every cent I have now =(.

Tell you something I feel right now. I feel really confused. Like, I feel numb. It’s not emo, it’s just, well, a weird feeling I have. Maybe it’ll wear off.

So yeah. I’d say I enjoyed myself quite a bit today lol. Tmr I’m going to buy new amp! Excited. So very excited. Then I’ll meet my NCC mates (from other schools) to practice for the performance, where we will be playing Ah Boys To Men : Recruit’s Anthem. So cool. Excited to see how our performance pans out =).

I really wanted to tell my friend I went out today something, but I forgot to tell. Sian. Maybe another day. If there’s another day.

Hmmm… I’ll be back later. I need to practice playing with yq~. So brb! Or maybe never XD.

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