Stumble, but move on.

The most retarded things…

Today was a day of fun (mostly) haha. I spent it all on guitar and playing com games with my friends. I caught up with jy and kester and gabriel too. So yeah, today was like… all spent on the things that matter to me. So yeah, I really enjoyed today.

You know, looking back at 2012, I really don’t regret anything that I did during that time. It was a time where I learnt a lot of lessons of life, and, realized my undying passion to be a guitarist. I even learnt how to be a leader, and here I am today. I really will miss secondary school, but well, we all have to move on right? It’s nice to see that even some of my friends will miss me if we all didn’t end up in the same jc. =)

So… updates!

I got into gold for sc2 again. Don’t know whether it’ll last but I certainly hope so! I haven’t really played much of 1v1s though, cos I mainly play with gabriel.

Recently attended my cousin’s wedding. It was quite grand, and cool too. My cousin’s husband kissed her so well HAHAHAHA. It was fun to watch them kiss.

Gonna take guitar grade 3. Probably having the exam in march haha. So excited~

I watched anime recently, and I loved the one I watched. It’s called Special A. Check it out =). It’s a romantic but not so cheesy story of a girl and a guy who find love in their rivalry (they always compete in everything).

So well, enjoyed myself over the past few days, and well, will be enjoying myself more till 10 jan… which is when I take my results. I’m somehow nervous and not so nervous at the same time. Oh well. Worrying changes nothing.

Well~ I think I should play my guitar now before it gets late hahahaha. Then my neighbours won’t have reason to complain about the noise.

I should blog more ^.^. It’s good for compo as well as for my mind.

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