Stumble, but move on.

JC life.

You know JC orientation was really cool, I really had a lot of fun, especially with the Talent Night performance (which I kinda screwed up but oh well HAHAHAHA, we live to learn) and the couple dance, which I had multiple partners, but overall I enjoyed dancing with all of them.

You know looking back on secondary school life I kinda see a lot of things that I should have seen then. But well, these experiences shape who we are anyway, so I’m happy that those things happened to me, good or bad. You know recently I’ve been thinking, and I find uglier (just being sorta frank) girls more attractive. Like, sure they really don’t look great on the outside, but most of the time, BECAUSE of this, they have such a beautiful heart which I rarely find in other girls.

Ohya, I already broke my New Year Resolution to not like a girl in JC1… I guess it can’t be helped since that girl was so… kind to me.. I guess. I don’t really know what it is that attracts me to her but she just does. It’s not really cos of her outer appearance, as I said before… but well, there’s just something about her that really… Speaks to me. I swear I’m not gonna do anything about it, even though jealousy and whatever may plague me. Just survive a few weeks and we won’t be in the same OG anymore, cos we gonna get our CGs. >.< Ah this vexes me a lot cos I’m not sure if I can control myself hahahahaha.

So well, some small updates before I go to do sth else, cos I’m a busy man. My subject combi is not out, but for now my choice is PMGE, meaning I take hybrid. Hope it pans out well…

And, well, in case any of you don’t know, I’m in TJC! HAHAHAAHA

Ok bye, gtg~~



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