Stumble, but move on.

Life is beautiful isn’t it?

Hi! I’ve been away for quite a while as I have been busy with loads of work from JC! To be frank, JC is hectic, shitty and tiring. But sometimes… I feel as if I can have a bit of fun.

Yeah I’m kinda ripping that off from a Youtube comment on an anime soundtrack video, but well, it’s true!

Recently I have had a really happy outlook on life even though, yeah, I kinda really complain 24/7. But well, sometimes stuff change and I get happy easily over small things.

I guess you might be thinking that I’m, well, kind of childish. In a way, yeah, but it’s a good thing too! I guess anime changes the way someone sees life eh? =)

So recently there was this anime that really touched my heart. It’s a beautiful anime, and one that, well, kind of holds a special place in my heart now. I just finished the first season, but not gonna start on the next one cos of JCTs!

But if you have time to kill, do check it out, because I guarantee that, it will change you =). Take joy in the little things, and never give up on your dreams. That’s what I’ve learnt from this anime.

Anyway, the anime is called Clannad, and there’s the second season called Clannad After Story. Both are about… 22 to 23 episodes long with 1 extra special episode at the end =). Now, don’t let the name fool you, for it isn’t all about… boyish stuff, which was my first impression of it when I first heard the name. But well, the story is all about normal high school life. There’s no magic and weapons and all that. I don’t like that kind of stuff either to be honest hahaha. Oh, and the soundtrack to this anime is beautiful as well, you should listen to them. I have many to recommend, but the two piano pieces that struck me the most in the anime were, The Place That Wishes Come True, and The Day’s Leisure. Both are really nice, and the rest of the soundtracks as well. Check it out! Enough said =).

So well, recently had a camp. And well, that camp is similar to NCC camps in secondary school, in that well, it just screws around with your brain and your body. Yeah, I’m talking 3 days and 2 nights of torture. To be frank with you, I have been long thinking of leaving this CCA. But what’s holding me back is what others would think of me when I leave, what my friends will think of me if I do so. I really don’t wish to stay in the club any longer. It’s just a pain to remain in it. When I tried to bring it up to the teacher I couldn’t bring myself to tell him I wanted to leave after all he did to ensure that I didn’t just a few months ago. Ah things are just becoming more and more complicated. So well, I shall just leave stuff as they are first, and see how it all pans out. I don’t wish to dabble further into the matter.

Well next up is, studies! I kind of suck at everything now, mainly because I really don’t see a point in the education system which just screws up your childhood, making you lose sleep doing assignments, lose time with family, and friends. I really don’t wish to complain but I think there’s a lot to improve on in that respect. I shouldn’t let this stop me from studying and finishing up my JC though. Ahh this sucks.

So well that’s life now! I really wish stuff was better but if you ask me if I’m happy, I would say yes. I am a lucky, lucky boy to have everything I want.

But sometimes, in chasing your dreams, you lose yourself in wondering why you just can’t get there.

And sometimes, you have to make choices that hurt.

Yeah, that’s my dilemma now! To leave or not to leave?


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