Stumble, but move on.


You know I kinda wish I had started music earlier. And it frustrates me to think that the career I have set out before me is not what I want. It frustrates me even more when my parents tell me I can’t make it and they want me to keep studying the very things that I now despise. But that’s the way the world works right? Your parents define the path you’re supposed to take. And when they say you can’t make it, you’re forced to confine to the social dogma that dictates you to take certain jobs and stuff, and let go of your passion. I want to fulfil my dreams and yet my parents just don’t understand.

My father says, if you have the talent, then you don’t even need to go overseas to do music. And he says that music in Singapore doesn’t have any foothold. Self-contradiction eh? He’s also the very person who did not let me start music when I was young either.

So because of the decisions parents make for you, you are forced to give up your dreams? I wouldn’t let that happen. I still think that the education system in Singapore seriously needs rework. It doesn’t let people like me take music or people with interest in the arts but do not have the prior prerequisites for the course to take it, which sucks.

Oh well. I resign to my fate of studying stuff I really don’t wish to take.

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