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Long time no post! I just finished promos! (technically, I still have chinese but who cares!)

SO. I haven’t been posting in a while since I’ve been super busy. But hey I thought maybe I’d just update whoever reads this about what’s happened and what’s to happen!

Okay, so..

I’m going to set up a YouTube Channel on guitar and piano covers. Ok I’ll leave the piano part for later but well, looking back at my musical “career”, I realized that, well, it’s been kinda fun! Though it was a rough start with me arguing with my father that guitar was useless, and with many people telling me that I suck, I can’t make it, here I am today. From the boy who struggled to play and sing at the same time, to an electric guitar player who spent hours with the metronome cos he couldn’t keep in time with the drums, to the me today, a decent player starting out on fingerstyle and piano. It’s been rough, but I think after 2 years + of playing, I should kick it up a notch. =) So I’m starting a channel. I’m not sure about how I’m gonna record and stuff, but I guess I’ll save for a mic so that it sounds better. And while I’m saving, maybe I could reconsider if I want to be serious about this channel or not. Cos, as it stands, I’m not really sure if I have the time to maintain it in JC. But well, I’m excited! Just need to finish up my exams and I’ll get started on it right away using my sis’s camera (hehe perks of having a sibling)

So! You’re probably thinking… PIANO?! Yup. I decided to be serious about music as my passion, so I’m going to learn all there is to it. Even though it’s too late to make a career out of it, I can still do it as something I love. You know I’ve had supportive parents, and sometimes I get kinda pissed with them, but ultimately I guess all they want is for me to have a stable and fulfilling life. SO… the piano’s coming in in late November, and I can’t wait to get started. It’s another rough start, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Songs I’m working (or going to work) on:

For My Father: Andy McKee

Beautiful song. It was written for his father, who sadly passed away. Andy McKee is a great guy with a big heart. I love his music cos it’s so soothing =). Learning this for my father (punnnnnn), who is getting on in age, and his ear isn’t as sensitive as before. I want him to hear this while he still can =P.

Rylynn: Andy McKee

This song was the first song I heard from Andy. It really got me into his music. Gonna learn this after I finish For My Father (or Hana, which is much easier to learn) =).

Hana: Masaaki Kishibe

Covered by Andy, the original was slightly more inspiring to me. I love how it’s so simple but captures the heart at the same time. The translation for Hana is Flower, and I presume he wrote this for a girl (not sure). Anyway, it’s beautiful and not that hard to learn =). Might just learn this before Rylynn since Rylynn is gonna be a big one.

Felicity: Sungha Jung

I’m gonna say this. This song is currently out of my league. It’s really. HARD. But my guitar teacher figured it out, so I just hope, REALLY HARD, that I can complete this, cos it’s AWESOME.

Friends- Sungha Jung

The first time I heard Friends was at Sungha’s concert in Singapore this year. It was an eye-opener. I really wanted to learn it after that. Well, it’s last on my list because there’s a special thumbpicking technique called travis picking that I haven’t learnt and it’s a bit hard.

WELL SO THERE THEY ARE. I wanna learn Totoro Theme by Sungha as well, but I guess I can learn it by ear and some tabs.

It’s not gonna be easy along with piano and JC, but I’ll try =).

Ok this was more of a music update but oh wells! I’ll post a channel link here once I’ve started. =)


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