Stumble, but move on.

Say You’re Still Mine

Today I feel very… James Labrie-ish. Haha ever since I got into Marco Sfogli’s instrumental work I realized I liked his band as well. James Labrie has an awesome voice and his music sort of gives a harder, more metal approach to music in the style of Linkin Park. This particular song holds some truth to what’s happening to my life right now. Though not entirely. HAHAHA. It’s too emo but yes I feel some of it. Not a lot but enough. =P

So I feel somewhat like crap today. ‘A’ Level math was shitty enough to make me feel sian. Could I have done anything more to save it? I doubt it. My math has always been bad. But I shouldn’t lose faith in my other papers though. Sometimes I regret some stuff I did and not studying, but that’s life I guess. You sacrifice one thing for another.

SO… quick updates before I go mug econs…

I am currently playing some visual novels namely Tomoyo After and Clannad. Both are great, but somehow the english patch is screwed in clannad and I had to download it again. But yes it is fun and I am enjoying it. It’s like a movie where you can influence the ending. Usually one would be able to get a girl by the end of it. But I took all the best steps and ended up with none of the girls and I think the game simply just got fed up with me and ended the game with me lamenting on my life (in the visual novel that is). I think it takes like shitloads of effort to actually get that ending in the VN but I did it unknowingly HAHAHA.

Gained a bit too much weight than I would like over the exam period. Taking steps to burn it all away now. LIKE DOING MIKE CHANG’S AFTERBURN WORKOUT HAHAHA. Can really feel the heat of his workouts. I hope it does what it says though, cos they’re pretty short but they do leave my muscles burning. Just three days ago I did his abs exercise and yesterday, I did legs. Omg it was really painful towards the end but man it felt good to have all that muscle burning.

Composing… Hmm recently out of inspiration. Keep playing the same stuff over and over. For both guitar and piano that is. Shoot I really need inspiration. I took some inspiration from Adam Levine’s Lost Stars on piano and his chord progressions were quite standard but it did help me out with some of my inspiration problems cos I tend to stick with the same few chords in a key that it’s boring. Oh someone commented that my guitar playing is very blues rock inspired while my piano playing feels very japanese HAHAHA. I guess that really is a testament to my influences on both instruments as I mainly listen to blues rock and metal, but japanese piano pieces from anime I’ve watched. Maybe I should switch it up. Been trying out some country (with all the weird pedal steel bends which my guitar is TOTALLY (sarcastically speaking) suited for (because every time I bend the floating bridge gets pulled, and all the other strings go out of tune, especially if I’m bending more than one string, its bad…). Anyway I’ll get more into that after A’s.

Oh and as for the short story… I don’t feel like writing it this time since I’m so busy. But yeah I’ll get to it when I have more inspiration. Yup. See you guys in the next post imma mug econs! BYEEEEE


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