Stumble, but move on.

Train in the sky.


Today is a bit different in that well, I’d like to paint a picture for you. Using both an image and well, a few (actually a LOT) of piano pieces for yiruma. I think his music really speaks to you and is kinda in the same style as my piano style (melodically, rhythmically I am totally not up to par). So basically listening to him is about the same as listening to me play. MEHEHEHE. A more pro version of me.

So train in the sky. I found this picture a while back on google, where I was looking for cool anime wallpapers. So I’d like to share it with you because it paints a dreamy world and stuff, much like how I would like to live in such a magical, whimsical place where things out of the ordinary happen. Close your eyes and imagine such a place… and regret that the world is not as such. HAHAHA. That’s how I feel now. Dreamy…

So recently I’ve been taking new inspirations from different people. For electric guitar, been trying out weird hand positions and tapping stuff from Andy James. Phenomenal player, though I like Marco Sfogli more, but he’s nevertheless a great player. Piano, well… YIRUMAAAA. =D. After looking through my small amount of facebook statuses I remember the time where I went out with… someone… to the concert. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Animenz has also been one of my influences, but I think I like yiruma’s simple yet catchy style more. Resonates more with me hahaha.

A’s so far… gah. Just a whole rush of things. Been wanting to catch a breath but couldn’t. Anyway, I just tried some guitar stuff so all is good. Albeit a bit too short a time. So that’s why I’m blogging here cos I wanna unwind a bit. This existence feels monotonous… Wake up, study, sleep. I want to do something more than that..

Anyway, lastly I got my TARI TARI WAKANA FIGURE WHOOOHOOO. I’d post pics here but I’m lazy HAHAHA. She reminds me of the reason why I play music. If you don’t know.. well go watch the anime! It’s really touching. TARI TARI. Ah good memories watching that show.

It’s that time to say goodbye now, cos I have stuff to do… Like study. HAHAHA. So sadly… BYE.

I’d ride a train in the sky with you if I could only do one thing.


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