Stumble, but move on.


I close my eyes and see you. And with every passing moment I yearn more to be with you… and wonder why I can’t.

Today is weird love story day cos love stories are cool. Anyway, my composition named Ruth is coming along quite nicely. I got an intro and a bridge. Well inspiration doesn’t come naturally to me, but I sing and laugh at myself while I play so it’s okay =D.

I’m listening to Yiruma again. And he never fails to sooth and bring out emotions in me. I love the way he just plays the piano and everything comes out nicely.

You know when I look at myself and think… I really don’t know what I really want in life. Its the phase where, I know where I am supposed to go (as society dictates) and I don’t want to go there. I don’t want a life like that. What am I supposed to do? I know what I am supposed to do. Carve out my own path away from that life.

But uncertainty has always been my best friend. Always there for me when I want to do great things.

To succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.

Someone great once said that but its more than it looks to undertake what I am about to do. Arnold Schwazernegger really is.. one of the people I really admire for doing what he wants to do despite all odds.

Yes. I want to be a musician. A man who brings his emotions through a language more powerful than that which is spoken.

I want to be a musician. I will do everything it takes to reach my goal.

Yeah. I gotta steel myself and do it. No matter how small my success, if I can do it, I would be happy enough.

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