Stumble, but move on.



Holy shit. Is it dejavu or is the title of this post the same as that of the song??!!! MAGIC OH NO.

Okay while I’m laughing at myself please listen to the beautiful piece from the visual novel Tomoyo After.


Okay not funny. I’m half high right now because A’s are ending soon. But also cos I’m sorta screwed for Physical Geog having spent 90% of my weekend on econs. Ah the sacrifices we make as people. I just hope that I remember what I can now HAHAHA.

Half studying half blogging. Like every 30 min I’ll type something here.

Sooooo.. life is going to be brilliant after A’s.

Firstly I fell in love with my economics teacher’s cover of Defying Gravity on Electric Guitar. Here’s a video…

It’s really awesome right? I have an awesome econs tutor. HAHAHA. He inspires me so much in both guitar and econs. I wished I had his chops. So smart so talented gosh. MUST REACH THERE.

SO I will be attempting to cover his cover LOL. Cos its fun yo.

Next… job? I dunno if I should. But if not my existence would be so boring after A’s. If I do I would be… a bookshop or music store assistant. AHHH books and instruments <3. Anw I can always go back to NCC as a cadet officer if need be to earn a bit of cash, though I doubt so… they'll be like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEN???

So many plans so little time. I'm going army early too haiz. NOOO. Just as I get my freedom haiz.

Oh well time to end the post cos I'm not really getting anywhere.. LOL.

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