Stumble, but move on.


YELLOWWWWW. A’s are over yay. After two days of freedom I can tell you something. IT FEELS WEIRD. Like directionless. But I am living right now, yes I am. Playing Visual Novels and playing guitar, composing songs… It never felt so good. Yet so wrong. I guess I’ve been working for too long. HAHA.

So today Reply, the soundtrack from Rewrite is my ambience music… Cos well.. I am waiting for a message. Not a reply. But well if it doesn’t come I.. probably will just leave it be. Hence the half-fitting soundtrack and
post title =P. The emotions it brings out also… are quite powerful. It’s how I feel somewhat.

So recently been working on Ruth and I found a verse portion which really suits the intro. But now I gotta think about new chord progressions and pre chorus and choruses and whether I want to reuse the intro as sort of a chorus and intro thing. Ah but it is shaping up to be a nice song. I just need to insert a sad part where I turn the key to its harmonic minor for a while (so from Fmajor to D harmonic minor for that sad bit). I recently fell in love with the raised seventh in the harmonic minor scale. It’s so… outttt but sad too. AHHHH love it.

Working on Still Hurts. Especially the arpeggio section. Ah that song still brings me back to my days admiring my econs teacher for his devotion to serve the college and teach and guitar at the same time. I miss him still. Inspirational. Anyway, I shall post a video of me playing part of it once I get a good take, cos I am scared when I play in front of the camera HAHAHA.

Playing Rewrite, as you can tell from the BGM. Aiming for Chihaya Ohtori yay haha. So I learnt my lesson and used a guide this time. MUWHAHAHA. Gonna get it right the first time.

Going to the doctor to check my nose and my knee again since I went to CGH the last time. Ah then I am going to watch anime for 6 hours with Isaaaaac. LALALA. And then Zheng Qun will come over and we will fold origami for a friend whose sick. I personally don’t know him but I just wanna help out HAHA since he never came to sch for a month.

Recently my friend’s friend departed. My heart goes out to her because shes only 18 and died last month. But I hope and know, that she is in a better place. She seemed like a really nice person and yes, I pray that God is with her =). Yaknowwww I’m not very open about being a christian and praying for people and stuff, but I guess I can make an exception here for her. Yes, I pray that you’ll be happy and I know, and I applaud you for being so strong fighting against cancer. =)

So.. I shall get going cos I need to start playing more Rewrite and finish up the arpeggio section for Still Hurts. So until then… Chow~~

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