Stumble, but move on.


Today I have no song in mind to share with you guys~~ so I shall just name this post today~ cos fun.

Recently have a lot of time to burn. I’ve been trying to do more music stuff recently, trying out recording and stuff. But also been distracted by my visual novels and stuff, so haven’t been doing as much as I should.

So yinqing came today. Gosh then we played for super long. Like 5 hours of gaming. MY EYES. Gah. But it was fun, I played DOTA 2 and hearthstone for a bit. Tmr gotta start playing my instruments le. NO BUTS KEVIN.

I miss someone. Gah it’s not really that bad but man do I miss her. I wonder if we’d ever talk again. It’s up to her I guess.

Wait take a break cos my eyessssss….

Hi back from dinner mehehehe.

I recently tried out this game called School Idol Project. It’s like a tap tap revenge game with WAYYYYY more things to tap. And it’s anime! =D It’s fun but retarded too.

Rewrite takes super super long to finish, which is good cos I like it. HEHEHE. OHTORI here I come.

Okay so I’m gonna prac some guitar and train before I meet yinqing later for dota meheehhe. Cya!

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