Stumble, but move on.


Hello! Rivulet is today’s ambience music of choice.I like Clannad music. =) They will always have a place in my heart because of the impact the anime and the visual novels had on my life and my personality.

Sounds like a really sad piece eh. But I really like it. And it does describe my monotonous days now and how I feel about it.

So recently I got one more viewer for this blog. Not that I have many, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s the only active viewer right now HAHAHA. The other two are probably going about their own lives.

So I had the mood to blog again.. maybe it’s cos today felt so empty. Lets see what did I do today.

Woke up watched a few vids and started up the XBOX 360 to download my free games. Honestly Microsoft could have given me discs instead but well I guess they wanna save on cost. HAIZ.

Then I went to the airport shortly after to grab lunch and a coffee. A Starbucks at that. Meheheheh.

Then I came home and started recording Drifting (of which all my takes were bad today.. damn its hard to record) and trying out a bit of funk on my E guitar. Then played a bit of Elder Scrolls and DOTA 2.

So its really monotonous and I still miss someone. Gah distracting myself is key. GOGOGO KEVIN YOU CAN DO IT.

Tmr is physiotherapy time in the morning at everyone’s favourite hospital: CGH. Cannot Go Home. LOL. AHHAHA I can still remember that old joke my econs lecturer told us during one of the revision lectures on the hospital industry. SOOO I hope this isn’t going to be a friggin waste of my money like the last few visits. I really got pissed when all my doc did was write some shit ask some qns bent my leg a bit and charged 60 bucks. -.-. And the other doc while he used the tube to check my throat, prescribed me some medicine I really didn’t need (duh common cold takes care of itself and doesn’t need a mouthwash -.-) SOOOOOO. I hope this will turn out better.

So well as you can see I haven’t been diligent in doing what I said I would do. Yeah I admit I’m friggin lazy. But thats me mehehehe. BUT I did cut down on my gaming time so that’s a good step in the right direction.

Yaknow fun fact. I listen to the ambience music to get the feel for the post every time I blog. COOL RIGHT. COOL RIGHT? Right?? Right…? Right……? Aha ha ha….

Ok I am bored. So what else should I tell you guys…

Hmm I’m reading a book called Shadow Of a Dark Queen which is part of the Serpentwar Saga I think, by Raymond E. Feist. I fell in love with his fantasy novels in primary 5 and started reading them after my tuition teacher then introduced it to me. I remember reading that book at least 3 times. HAHA. Not bad considering I read Lord Of the Rings the same number of times. Magician was its name and it was about two boys finding their great destinies, one becoming a sorcerer of great power, and the other the host and dominant personality of a dead Dragon Lord. WOW. SO EPIC~~~ Ah I love his written works…

Speaking of which I missed Nick Vujicic’s autograph session at kinokuniya I think, some time during O’s. Man I wish I got his autograph. Oh and then in the middle of A’s, Joe Satriani just HAD TO COME. >.< I wish I saw him. He's such an awesome guitarist and has a witty personality.

Tonight shall have MORE FUNK. Therefore I shall work on my funk till I am funking funky. GEDDDIT AHAHAHAHAH ha ha ha… HAHA… AH… ha.

Ok will post some time soon! I wanna finish what I set out to do today mehehehehe.



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