Stumble, but move on.


We go our separate ways today.

Ambience music:

These few days I feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I had to accept a truth which hurts.

Happy because I get to free myself slowly from this torture. Heh. I really don’t know what to feel about it.

But I’m going to complete IT no matter what. It is the story of my journey. A failed but fulfilling one I guess.

I’m sorry if it seems unclear to you what I’m talking about but I’m just really frustrated and I don’t feel like sharing it with you guys… It’s just me ranting to myself I guess.

So on to better things.

Recently went to AFA and got a bit more merchandise than I should. I think I spent 212 bucks in total. Which is scary… But well my friend spent 700 over bucks. So…. I can take comfort in that I guess. HAHA it’s still bad cos I spent slightly less than 3 times of what I did last year.

Oh anyway this song played at the Dome theatre which I went at the exhibition which was AWESOME (though it was right next to the stage area which blasted friggin loud music so I could barely hear the song) along with a space animation with Hatsune Miku singing… It really felt like I was moving through the stars there. Wow. Just wow HAHA. And now, hearing the whole song, it’s really nice. I think I really like Miku.

Speaking of Miku, I bought two Miku Nendoroids. I know I know, they’re ex, but I couldn’t help myself T.T. Soooo I bought Hatsune Miku 2.0 which is just her in her normal outfit and Snow Miku, a limited run for 2014. Halloween Miku was there too but I didn’t quite like her outfit and face so I ended up not buying it. Thank goodness I didn’t or it would be 65 bucks down the drain. So I guess after this AFA, I can officially say that I am a Miku fan mehehe.. which ain’t bad I guess but my heart goes soft when I see merchandise…. Gah should control.

Now I come to the story of my experience with AFA. Main highlights were buying Snow Miku, and Anisong Concert.

So Snow Miku was A PAIN to get, but worth it. On the first day of AFA, I went early (like 8) to buy tix. But the queue was already pretty big. I say pretty big.. with a bit of caution. Because relative to the Saturday crowd (yesterday’s crowd) it was REALLY REALLY REALLY SMALL. It spanned two levels of Suntec City’s convention centre. Okay wait let me put my experience neatly hold on.



So day 1’s queue wasn’t really that bad. When I went to the exhibition there was no queue at Good Smile (the company that sells Nendoroids like Snow Miku). SO I passed the area and thought it was only a drawing booth. Man was I wrong. When I found out they sell figurines I totally wanted the Snow Miku but it was sold out by that time. So I bought Miku 2.0 which was decent (and I sorta like her faces too). Thrn I went home disappointed I missed out Snow Miku (though there was going to be a restock the next day so I was contemplating).

So I walked around a bit and a small booth caught my eye. I saw a pokemon/hogwarts print that I knew my sister would like. So I decided to buy it the next day because I wanted to see my sis’s reaction when I told her that I “couldn’t” buy it. Also partly cos I’m lazy HAHAHA.

After that I went to the booth to the right of it only to see a relatively chio cosplayer there giving out pamphlets. I was interested enough to want to check it out. And sorta try a pic with her MEHEHEHE. But anyway I asked her about the pamphlet and she led me to this burly guy without saying a word and he started talking to me about why they were here. So he told me they were from an animation and art institute based in Kyoto and they came here to advertise their school. The creator of Hatsune Miku lectures there too which got me interested. So I asked him about their requirements for consideration and stuff, and I found that as long as I had an N2 for Japanese, I would be considered (along with 12 years of education in any institute which I completed). Which got me thinking about my career options. Then he told me his story.

So.. He was a Malaysian that really loved animation and stuff. He wanted to study and live in Japan so he decided to take up this course… which meant he studied japanese to get in. So passionate so hardworking. I admire his determination and devotion to a single goal. I, for one, have too many I wish to complete. Well he told me that they teach how to make digital music there too. So I contemplated on his advice to take the route. I still am thinking about it because I really love Japan and I would love to stay there. But I also have a musical career to pursue. Well… I don’t know yet. It’s too early to tell. I need to think it over. WELL after the SUPER LONG TALK I thanked him and got the institute’s requirements booklet from him. THEN I RECALLED I WANTED THE PIC HAHAHA. He told me she was a teacher in their institute and I WAS SHOCKED. She looked so young. Oh well art teachers~~ So she was a bit awkward with me, but we took the pic anyway HAHA.

After that I went around, bought some merchandise and went home…

So after much thought I decided not to go early in the morning to grab Snow Miku because I felt it would waste my money. Then came my mum who asked about Miku 2.0 cos I was at the coffee table fixing her up for display on the piano. I told her the story that I wanted Snow Miku and stuff, then she asked to see the pic. Then she immediately fell in love with it and wanted it, though she didn’t want to force me to rush in the morning to get it so she was like.. nah don’t need if you see it still on sale in the afternoon you can buy it.

Besides those I bought other merchandise as well, most notably Sakurasou and Angel Beats stuff. HAHA. Mostly what’s cheap (nothing is really cheap there, pens go for 3 bucks… so you can imagine the prices for the rest).

So I changed my mind and went earlier this time to get Snow Miku. MAN WAS I FRIGGIN RIGHT TO COME EARLY. The Saturday queue, as you might have guessed, is MONSTROUS. Like really… my heart sank because there was a limited stock of Snow Miku, and the queue in front was big. Then I rushed in as soon as I entered the exhibition hall and saw an empty counter. OR SO I THOUGHT IT WAS. I went to queue then I was stopped by someone. Then he told me to go to THE QUEUE. Which was big enough to make my heart sink but not big enough to make me lose hope. So as I queued one guy would come down the line every so often and tell us what’s sold out. And each time he passed my heart skipped a beat. I could literally, quite literally, feel my heart pound.

But I got it in the end. Man was I happy.

Ok I just read the Miku part of the day 2 post and I found it to be slightly anti-climatic. But oh well LOL I’m lazy to write more =P.

So after that the purchase of Snow Miku I went to find Yinqing but my back hurt (I’m gonna get that checked next physio cos it always happens to me after about 1 to 2 hours) so I went to sit at the anisong asia audition stage. It’s a small stage with karaoke machines and a host and you can either watch people sing or sing yourself. It can be for fun or to audition for the competition which rewards the winner with a contract with Sony Music. I saw many people perform there, 10 years old and up. Some were good some weren’t quite there yet but they all have amazing courage to stand up there and sing. So I kinda admire them for that. Really. And singing is sorta difficult to master anyway. You may think you’re in key but most of the time you’re not if you didn’t train your voice.

Yin Qing came we ate lunch and went around the exhibition some more. That’s when we went to the dome theatre (which was free).

So after walking around we went to the next big event. ANIIIIISOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG BOOOOOOMMMMMM *puts on earpiece because the concert was too loud*

Wait take a break before I go on about the concert my fingers are tired MEHEHEHE.

Okay back. So during the concert it was really loud so I had to put earpiece so that my ears won’t get damaged… But I think I was the only one who did it. Meh it’s ok I’m protecting my ears mehehehe. Then my back hurt so I couldn’t stand well but I guess I survived. So the anisong concert was in this order…



Yanagi Nagi


So yeah I actually went for Yanagi Nagi only. But LiSA was not bad too. I really liked her songs and her voice.

The other two were okay.. maybe cos I don’t know many of their songs.

Yanagi Nagi sang Black Bullet’s OP (I think its OP), followed by Nagi No Asukara’s 2 EDs, and Vidro Mayou, followed by one song which I didn’t know but man it was good too. So it was worth it. I took out my earpiece for her part HAHAHA. Biased much… =P (but also partly cos her voice and songs aren’t as piercingly loud)

Then I went home after waiting for yq to grab a drink from subway. Then my father fetched me for supper (since the concert started at 6.30 pm, it wasn’t quite right to eat dinner at that time). Reached home around 12am ahh so tired >. <…

Along the way one of my friends whatsapped me and was angry cos I forget to reply her all the time. Like really angry. I couldn't blame her for being such, and tried to apologize. But well, she didn't take it well… haiz =(.

So let me explain the situation here to you guys why I don't reply texts halfway.

1. My day is almost always filled with activities I have to do which demand concentration. These range from composing to exercising and to gaming. Hence, I do not reply during these times.

2. When I do have time to reply, I tend to forget people who I have been talking to and hence neglect them at some point in time (trust me, this happens not only to specific people but ALL of my friends at some point)

3. I am likely tired or don't feel like replying. This is because I spent the entire day pursuing my goals and stuff, and when I reach my phone, I just press on all my texts on whatsapp and clear my notifications. I can't reply properly to a conversation if I am in this state, and I will give half-assed answers. And I would attempt to reply the next day but get caught up with stuff that I have to do and the cycle repeats.

Hence, I am truly sorry if, at some point, I don't reply. It's sorta my nature to feel this way about replying text and the fact that whatsapp lets you see the last online time of the person and whether he saw your messages isn't helping either. Which is why I am considering uninstalling the app. It causes more trouble than good sometimes. But I will try to make a conscious effort to reply your texts when I see them next time, whoever you may be.

So recently I've been trying to remember to improve myself as a person every day. It's going to be hard and arduous, but I'll try my best to move away from my bad habits and stuff. Well, imperfection is natural.

So after this lengthy post, I hope you got a good idea of how the past few days were like for me! Sorry that I don't put up photos.. its just troublesome yeah… maybe I shall in the near future.

On a side note,


I'm going to the exhibition area and with yq later at 6.30 pm to claim his free poster… which couldn't been shittier because he has to pay for 1 ticket to go in. That sucks… but oh well. I'm just gonna wait outside for him and talk a bit before heading home.

So….. the past few days were painful.. arduous… but fun. Here's to a new, fun week tomorrow. =).


Update: I am stuck at starbucks waiting for yinqing so I’m using my phone to upload some photos of AFA! HOORAY.







Fearing that I am not loved by you, one who is more precious to me than anyone else, I fled to a star 10,000 light years away in a single leap. Before I drift away in the stardust and disappear forever, please love me once…


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