Stumble, but move on.

Wishful Thinking.


Hello guys, today I have a nice piece of electric guitar for you. It’s got a pretty nice melody for a guitar piece and I decided to shy away from the usual Rewrite soundtrack (which is awesome) and James Labrie songs. I like the title too =P. Oh but it’s pretty technical so I guess I’ll put a Rewrite song here so that you can have a more calm atmosphere. Hold on.

Ambience alternative (PLAY THIS BECAUSE ITS CALMER):

There! Actually I put this up mid-post cos I realized the last part was just John Petrucci shredding like hell and I think it wouldn’t be nice to non-guitarists. So there, play this one. It’s more soothing. MEHEHEHE.

So these few days I have been reading up on how to become the best person of myself. To be the best man I can be. Been interested in self-improvement. I think it’s a good turn from stagnating as I am. So I guess overall I’m just trying to be more socially understanding, more determined, more confident. So I have that going for me. I wanna buy Engineering The Alpha by idk who HAHA. It’s basically a book about being the best man a person can be.

Also, I wanna learn a lot of things beside the usual deal (music and training). LIKE JAPANESE.

Recently I’ve been thinking about migrating to another country when I grow up. It’s an interesting prospect but an extremely tedious and expensive process. So I might decide against it again. I wanna go to JAPANNNN AHHH. Anime must have influenced me too much. But yeah, learning a bit of jap here and there when I got time. Will think about this in detail.

Hmm been learning how to shred on guitar. And started a composing a new piano piece called Winter Sunset. It’s inspired by a sunset I saw while walking around in my neighbourhood, and I was listening to this song (Raised Bed, Rewrite). Then I was inspired also by my China friend who recently went back, and she was complaining how cold she was there. Hence Winter Sunset. Cool name right! It’s gonna be full of 7th chords cos they remind me of a quiet but sad sunset. And also cos I recently tried to incorporate them into my improvs. Getting better =). Yeah…. Will be finishing up Ruth too. Though I must admit, it is getting hard to come up with parts now… But I’m in the mood for writing a sad twist to the song =).

So there’s what I’ve been doing (other than doing Afterburn Training, which is just Mike Chang’s exercises which just RIP my muscles). Been playing less com and focusing more on the more important things. Though it’s still not as much as I’d like, I’m getting there.

Oh on a side note, I finish 2 out of 5 of the heroine’s stories in Rewrite. Just started the third route, Kotori’s. Oh man can’t wait to sink my teeth into her story. Personally I’ll leave Lucia to last and do Shizuru (whose prerequisite is Kotori’s). Just because Lucia’s my least favourite. But who knows, I might like her more. I like Akane’s a lot~~ My fav so far. Says a lot about the type of girl I like I guess..

So that’s it I guess. Just quick updates on my introverted little life. Not really in the mood to post long stuff now I guess. So… See you again when I’m in the mood HAHAHA. Buuuuuuuaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee~


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