Stumble, but move on.


For a friend:

Hi guys today I wanna talk about pain. Breakups and the like.

Today a friend I know has… problems. And she was brave enough to face them finally. YAY~ But I guess it also hurts.

So I dedicate this post to her, and also want to encourage you guys to stay strong.. and know that it’s okay that you can’t stand up immediately when you fall.

I recently watched After Us by Wong Fu Productions. Then I found this song. It’s a good video, and I sorta can remember going through all the stages in that video. From reminiscing to release, and to finding your happiness back in the darkness. Go watch~ especially if you’re feeling sad about a breakup.

So to whoever is feeling difficulty now.

I want you to know that it may be hard.

Everyone hurts and its not easy.

But don’t lose faith and be take little steps at a time.

And you’ll make it out. Trust me. =)

Life always changes for the better, but only to those who cling on to hope.

So stay strong.

Even if you fall hard. And you feel useless, lost, and that the world is bearing down on you,

know that it’s not weak to be weak at all. And you’ll get there.


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