Stumble, but move on.

Love me.

Today I wanna talk about insecurities… and loneliness. More often than not this feeling has struck me.

I… confess I am not always strong. I get worried like hell about the smallest of things. I get sad over many things and I keep it to myself. Sometimes I hurt a lot but I keep shit in and force a smile.

So I ask myself sometimes if I would ever find someone I love, who would love me back sometimes. And that’s my main worry now.

So insecurities are pretty darn part of our lives. So what makes it so intimidating to us?

Well I think it’s because we need to worry in order to get things done. Worry about ourselves. Sometimes its so overwhelming because we KNOW we have to do it.

But how we handle it is different.

You can either choose to take action.


Stay where you are. At the plateau.

Fear… that things will go wrong. Always hurts. So we really need to get out there sometimes.

So… this holiday was filled with loneliness and stuff, but I realized also that life means more than just finding soul mates…

Friends, passion, and other things still await.

Love can wait.

Face your insecurities with a positive mind my friends. Be positive, and life will change for the better.


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