Stumble, but move on.


This song, though COMPLETELY unrelated to my country, or myself… I feel as if it helps me remember my old times.

With my buddies and stuff. Ah the good times. The past is such a beautiful painting…

Oh my gosh emo mode. But yeah, I’m in that phase. The phase where I just reminisce… as my friends slowly part ways with me for NS.

Recently I took a break from music and stuff.

It felt so cluttered.

So useless.

So painful that I’m not as good as I hoped to be.

Then one day I listened to a keyboardist and pianist named Jordan Rudess.

It struck me that even the most technical of players still have a place for simplicity in their playing.

I know I keep forgetting about this. But haiz, we go through phases I guess.

SO I took a week off. Everything… training, practising, doing japanese hw (until the last day before mehehe, but I still aced dictation anyway ~~ =D)

And I came back a few days back after listening to Jordan Rudess.

Then I realized the meaning of all the things I decided to do.

It’s because I wanted to show off. That hey I could do this and that.

But what these things meant to my life were more than just that.

They make me who I am. A music-loving, crazy stupid otaku, health conscious man.

And I live to see them through. To be the best man I can be =).

It’s no competition. It’s about being true to myself. Being the best I can be.

So that’s the lesson I wanted to bring to you guys today. =D

Will update when I feel like I got more content about my life haha.


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