Stumble, but move on.


I’m pretty sure there was a blog post with this name but who cares~

Let me let you guys in on a secret. I listened to this on the day before A level results day. HAHAHA. Maybe that’s why I felt so depressed when I went into the hall that day. It was cold out at night and I felt as if the wind cut through my soul as I walked down the silent road back home. I was really afraid and vulnerable.

But who wouldn’t be?

This blog post today is about acceptance. Of yourself.

These few days I found that many of us don’t accept ourselves for who we are. We bemoan our existence as imperfect beings, focusing on what is not, rather than what is.

In short, we hate our flaws and don’t see our strengths.

I personally am guilty of it too haha. I think many of us are.

But why is it that we can’t let go of our flaws as easily as we let go our strengths?

I found the answer a few days back. It’s because we’re always being compared to others. Constantly.

Even if nobody says it, you know you will never be as good as XXX or as perfect as XXX or as popular as XXX. Everyone compares.

Its sad that the world we live in now is always relative.

Skills are compared to the next person’s and personal worth is determined not by who the person is, but a bunch of grades relative to other people.

I guess a better system has yet to be found, but this is what I have found to be true.

However, we can stop ourselves from falling into this trap of self-torture.

Even if we are being compared to others, it’s always important to see where your strengths lie. YOU know what is your strength and that is where you should work on. Say F*** you to those who put you down, and pursue that strength. Sure there’s times where you need to work on your weak areas, but never let the failures there hurt you. Because there’s always something you’re better than them at.

Life lessons~~ Oh man. Time to go back to sleep~.

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