Stumble, but move on.

When I Fear To Lose…


Marks the start and end of something new.

Let’s begin the story from where it started.

A young boy barely into his adolescence. Nothing to hide.

Nothing to fear.

With time, his happiness in life became unfounded.

In the ashes of his fall he became stronger.

But he lost his ability to love.

He lost sight of that blindingly brilliant, pure love that he once was capable of.

Fearful, weak, and lost.

But he is strong.

Or so he thought.

That was the end. The time where he once loved wholeheartedly. But stopped.

But the beginning of something much more than himself. The realization of the power of reassurance in the strength that he gained was a gift he never knew he had.

He could change someone who had lost this ability to love too.

The only thing holding him back was his fear to lose.

He must learn to stand up, and stand strong.

To be determined, no matter what happens.

To change someone’s life. To grasp that pure love again and to conquer. To bring that back to someone else.

That is the power he wields.

But he must face his demons. Stand up to them even as they surround him.

It’s over he says..

Not yet.

To: myself.


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