Stumble, but move on.

Need to Get Out..

You know.. I’ve been thinking a while.

And it’s time to take things really seriously.

I think this may be a passport to a better world.

I’m going to learn Japanese REALLY seriously from here on out.

Its going to be my beacon. The hope I need to get out.

Out of the grey colour I so hate.

I want to experience more. So much more than this. If fate has willed me to a miserable life of monotony, I will force it.

It’s got to be it.

I want to experience the beautiful world outside.

I miss my civilian life. But I know there’s so much more to be had out there. I’m just deprived.

I need to get out.

Of here, of Singapore. To leave this country, and start afresh, anew, with newer, better experiences.

After NS. I will continue working towards this goal.

Nothing else matters but to get out.


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