Stumble, but move on.

Paint the grey out of my life.

Today.. I like to think of my life as grey. Like it isn’t that I have nothing to do or anything. It’s just a monotonous, boring grey.

There is no colour, no fun, no happiness, no despair.

Monotone. I want to paint it such a wonderful colour.

But it’s not going to happen.

Oh well. It’s just I want something more out of this life. Than simply sitting here dreading book ins, doing nothing during my week and coming out to repeat the cycle. Haiz.

So recently my fever went down. Ready to go back. But well. I just want to be rid of this life already. After 1 week, I really don’t wanna go back.

Everyone tells me that I do this for my country.

But I don’t feel it man. I’m sorry but it’s just that I can’t feel it. I know and understand. But I can’t feel for it.

I wish my life had colour.

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