Stumble, but move on.

Again and Again.

Hi guys, it’s Sunday again and I’m here to pen down my thoughts and feelings.

Recently I just started watching an anime called Plastic Memories. It’s a really cool setting, and it’s a sad anime.

I think it got me thinking about my own life and how transient it is.

I’m just passing by, and I’ll be gone in a flash.

What do I want to do to change the world?

What do I want to be. Who will I become?

All these questions remind me of how transient life is.

A guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, aptly described this transience in his song, Hellos And Goodbyes, quoting that, life is all about hellos and goodbyes as he wrote the song for his father who passed away, and a newborn relative, who both were in the same hospital at that time.

So I decided that even though I hate what I’m doing now..

Why not make this a good memory? Something that I’ll look back years later, and say hey, I made it.

I hope this will be my attitude from now on..

And I guess I’ll go and make some new memories. Memories of hardship, laughter, sadness, happiness, and of course love.

Because why waste life away. Make your mark. Enjoy yourself till you look back and say hey, I led a good, fulfilling life. I can leave with no regrets.

I realized anime really taught me a lot of things. But it also makes me so emoooooo.


Well, I’m booking in.

See you next week.


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